Nurturing Real Life Relationships

In a sadly divided world, I want to create a social network that brings people together and rewards them for positive social activity. By sharing our technology with brands and nonprofits, we believe we can nurture an ever increasing society of people and businesses who strive to combine commercial viability with social responsibility.

(Barry Hinckley, CEO and Founder)

Our technology

Giving you the tools to find, host and manage events

  • Create private or public RSVP, ticketed or donation led events
  • Search past, present and future events by criteria including location, date, and interests
  • Invite and market events via social, email, SMS and push notification
  • Connect with attendees in real time before, during and after events
  • Approve or decline RSVP’s, check people in out of events

Turn insights into actions

  • Measure the success of your events via our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform
  • Organize your social connections and create new ones via our Social Relationship Management (SRM) platform
  • Enhance your personal, brand or nonprofit profile to reach a wider and more like-minded audience

Winning with Yotme

A CRM is most powerful when it is the single endpoint for data. A successful event marketing campaign will utilize a number of communications platforms to reach the biggest audience possible. It is vital then, that from start to end, from event curation and event ticketing to attendee management that one integrated platform is used to collect the data from these multiple touch points. Yotme is that platform.