Earn $ for what you already do…

Yotme offers your agency commission on any tickets you sell using our platform. And what’s more, that money doesn’t come out of your client’s profits – it comes out of Yotme’s. That way there is no conflict – just pure reward for switching to our platform.

Why Yotme for agencies?

The value of your agency is under increased scrutiny as clients seek greater levels of accountability. Yotme not only offers the opportunity to measure your success but also to drive commission-based revenue to reward it.

Nonprofits spend billions of dollars annually on event marketing without capturing and leveraging the actionable insights available to engage their supporters and further their support.

“Under-teched” and “under-funded” nonprofits are seeking more effective event and relationship management solutions to drive more profitable and engaged relationships with supporters.

For agencies, we know that “showing your work” is vital in maintaining long term relationships with nonprofits. Yotme gives you the tools to set up and manage multiple client accounts with access to the information you need to make events successful and keep clients happy.

Yotme tools for events agencies

A unified Event Management Platform and Event Marketing CRM, that we offer to nonprofits and agencies for FREE. This means one single platform to:

  • Manage supporters and consumers for multiple clients from one place
  • Host, manage and ticket events
  • Organize and send communications (live chat, event boards, emails and SMS)
  • Turn attendee data into actionable marketing intelligence (gender, age, location, contact type, prospect type, relationship status)

Managing an event with Yotme:

A CRM is most powerful when it is the single end point for data. A successful event marketing campaign will utilize a number of communications platforms to reach the biggest audience possible, but without a unified platform to:

  • Create ticketed and non-ticketed events
  • Target and refine your event guest list
  • Track pending, accepted and declined invites
  • Communicate with guests individually & collectively
  • Measure the success of your event and refine your event strategy