Yotme is a SaaS powered Customer Relationship Management (SRM) platform for web and mobile that enables brands to produce more effective experiential marketing, attribute their spend to customer conversion and strengthen your customer loyalty. Yotme generates consumer intelligence for brands by organizing their experiential marketing process to convert consumers into customers.

What if you...

  • You knew their name, their interests, who they hang out with and how they engage at your events?
  • You could communicate with them in real time before, during and after your events?
  • There was a platform that took the Customer Relationship Management model and applied it to individual guests to attribute marketing spend?

Our Customer Relationship Management Platform

  • An intuitive ticketing platform for all of your event needs
  • A social network that allows you to get to know and communicate with your guests before, during and after your event
  • A data gathering CRM to target, invite, nurture and convert consumers into customers
  • An intelligence generating dashboard giving you the ability to look at real data before, during and after your event