Yotme is an endorsed peer-to-peer community that allows members to create new social connections, nurture existing ones and organize inspiring, socially impactful events with motivated, like-minded people.

Social Relationship Management (CRM) For Individuals:

Yotme’s social network takes the proven business principle of a CRM and applies it to your social life and the social lives of those around you, so you can quantify social impact and qualify the quality of your existing and potential social connections to create an active, peer-validated network that enhances your social life.

United by possibility. Driven by responsibility.

Your Commitment To A Brighter Future

By joining Yotme you are committing to help us do something that will matter not just today or tomorrow, but a hundred years from now.

By joining Yotme you commit to helping us create a social network that brings people together and rewards them for positive social activity.

Why? Because we are using technology as a facilitator for new and inspiring real-life social relationships and enable people to join forces in delivering social good.

Our Commitment to Our Members

Upon joining Yotme you can expect us to act with accountability and responsibility, be transparent and democratic and make sure that everything we do is geared to improving your social life and the world around you.