How We Do It.

For nonprofits regular communication with your supporters is vital in retaining the engagement and stewardship required to ensure that they remain active, philanthropic supporters.

Every nonprofit should be able to connect with their supporters on mobile- and web and organize them effectively to enhance the impact of the relationship. By giving our platform to nonprofits for free

The average age of a U.S donor is currently 64 years old. Yotme is leveraging peer-to-peer technology to connect nonprofits to the next generation of supporters

Initial Philanthropic Offering: Our innovative growth mechanism for nonprofit

A growth mechanism that reflects our principles

The Yotme IPO (Initial Philanthropic Offering) is a growth mechanism (and play on words) inspired by Pledge 1% and the work of The Boston Foundation. But instead of donating just 1% of our shares to nonprofit, we want to donate 4% of the entire company.

Our IPO is a high impact, symbiotic growth accelerator that uses the velocity of revenue to create shared and sustainable growth for our nonprofit partners.

Under the terms of the IPO, nonprofits that use the Yotme platform to sell tickets to their events, may be eligible to a 5% credit against the revenue they generate. These credits will be tracked internally by the Yotme team with early adopting nonprofits being eligible to share in a potential equity stake of tens of millions of dollars. Not bad for a SaaS platform that we give nonprofits the opportunity to access for free!

Our Customer Relationship Management Platform

  • A single platform for ticketing, event management, data capture, and communication
  • Saves you time, as all the information relating to the event is available in one place on your phone or computer
  • Easy to use
  • Simplified check-in at the event
  • Complete transparency, allowing you to track the event set up, invite process, attendance and more!