It’s a little known fact that in 1999 when I co-founded Bullhorn, I was also working with former Governor Bill Weld on the concept of voting online…it was obviously too early.

That said, I’ve never lost sight of the vision and at this point, I realize it’s inevitable. Covid-19 has brought the topic back into the national conversation and it looks like mail-in ballots will be part of the temporary solution.

As an entrepreneur I am naturally attracted to solving big problems, because that’s how you build big companies. As it relates to online voting, I agree with the skeptics, I don’t think a stand alone private company could spend enough money to withstand the hostile attempts from foreign and domestic cyber attacks, while also keeping it affordable for governments to deploy to their citizens. Otherwise I would have already tried it.

But I didn’t stop thinking about the problem and then this winter it dawned on me…the solution is right under our noses…ONLINE BANKING. Let’s put the ballots where the money is! America’s banks and banking consortiums have spent and continue to spend, ten’s of billions of dollars on technical infrastructure and security, to the point that they can literally let public customers safely and securely, virtually enter the bank, pay bills, move money around and receive payments. They do this at no direct cost to their retail customers. The consumer confidence in online banking is in the deep 90%+ category and very few things have that level of consumer confidence and more importantly, people have that confidence about the security of their hard earned dollars…That’s impressive. What’s more, banks also have confidence in this system, because if they didn’t, their banks would be hacked, customer dollars stolen and the banks would fail…

I have attached a deck that Governor Weld and I have put together explaining the concept and solution. We have not gone into the technical detail. This is simply a high level presentation to socialize the idea and get your feedback. So if you could take a few moments to review the short presentation and give us your feedback, we’d much appreciate it!

So far, everyone we have privately socialized this concept with, loves it, so at this point we are quite confident in the solution, but we’d like larger buy-in as well as any connections you may have to banks, politicians and business leaders who could be helpful…we are building a coalition to get behind the idea and marshal it through congress. Of course the banks have to be onboard with this, but we feel it’s a fantastic opportunity for them to leverage existing infrastructure, at very little marginal cost, while providing an incredibly valuable public service.

Once we begin building the coalition with your support, my friends, we’ll have to launch a gofundme to raise the funds to sheppard it thorough the halls of congress. At this point the estimate is that we’ll need to raise about $120,000 over 6 months to cover the legal and other costs of writing the bill, as well as collaborating with the banks on the process and legal aspects.

I look forward to your feedback and of course would appreciate it if you could share far and wide with people that you think could be helpful…If the feedback continues to be positive, we’ll launch the gofundme in the coming days with a formal petition…  Here’s the deck.

Ian Parkes

Chief Brand Officer

Bringer of good news and all things Yotme! I thrive on bringing together exciting and impactful collaborations.